Natural gypsum

Product description and analysis


Product Description

Gypsum or CA SO4.2H2O., a mineral substance that is found in nature in the form of rocky and mostly open cast layers. Gypsum in uae is known as hydrous calcium sulfate and is considered to be one of the most valuable building materials and minerals.

Natural Gypsum in uae- الجبس الطبيعي في الامارات

Product Benefits

  •  Expertise and experience more than half a century in production
  •  Ability to provide FOB, CTF and DAP  Flexibility in payment (Flexibility in how payment is made)
  •  stable quality
  •  Delivery and timely fulfillment of obligations
  •  Production according to customer’s request for any size distribution
  •  Transparency-Trust-Commitment
gypsum in uae-زخرفة الجبس في الامارات

Product Applications

This type of gypsum is used for final layer of plastering with high mesh. In addition, it is used in medicine, sculpture, decoration, GYPSUM BOARD factories and gypsum prefabricated walls.

Product Information

Physical and chemical specification

Parameters Results Test Method
Color 93up ASTM C-471M14
Moisture 0.7max ASTM C-471M14
So3 44up ASTM C-471M14
Sio2 o.700 ASTM C-471M14
Combined Water 18.5up ASTM C-471M14
Cao 32up ASTM C-471M14
Mgo 1.51 ASTM C-471M14
CASO4.2H2o 92up ASTM C-471M14
Naci 0.05 ASTM C-471M14
Fe2o3 (0.10-0.20) ASTM C-471M14
Natural Gypsum Analysis
Natural Gypsum Analysis 1

Product Description

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