Gypsum Powder

Product description and analysis


Product Description Al Ahli micronized

gypsum in uae is produced with special size distribution and physical –chemical properties, according to international standards. This product is very soft and has excellent flexibility.

Gypsum Powder Analysis 1

Product Benefits

  •  Whiteness and shininess above 95%
  •  Product Micronization that causes the final layer of plaster to be flat and polished
  • Remarkable flexibility and softness.
  •  Great adhesion  Continuous wash ability
  •  No cracking due to high purity
  •  Late initial setting time and fast final setting time.

Product Applications

This type of gypsum is used for final layer of plastering with high mesh. In addition, it is used in medicine, sculpture, decoration, GYPSUM BOARD factories and gypsum prefabricated walls.

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Product Information

Physical and chemical specification

Parameters Unit Acceptance Limit Results Test Method
Color % 88up 92% C471-M-14
Water Stucco Ratio % 80% C471-M-14
Compressive Strength N/mm2 6up 12.10N/mm2 C471-M-14
Flexural Strength N/mm2 2up 4.50N/mm2 C471-M-14
Fineness % 200 mesh sive pass:>96 0.4% C471-M-14
CW % 4-7 6.2% C471-M-14
Slump 155-210 175 C471-M-14
Surface Hardness N/mm2 1.50N/mm2 C471-M-14
No No feature value value
1. Initial Setting (minute) 7:30 (Adjustable)
2. Final setting (minute) 17:00 (adjustable)
3. Compressive strength (Mpa) 12/10 to up
4. Flexural strength (Mpa) 4/45 to up
5. Surface hardness (Mpa) 1.50 to up
6. Thermal conductivity coefficient (W / m K) 0.23
Gypsum Powder Analysis
Gypsum Powder Analysis 3

Product Description Al Ahli micronized

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